Transport quality & excellence
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Educated Rates

Freight Quote Processing 100%
Running in Various Databases to get best rates
Verify with Core Carriers 100%
Verify carriers availability 100%







Transport quality and excellence
to enhance your business


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Xpert Logistics has a vast network of carriers to deliver freight across the United States and Canada. Our dedicated team works closely with customers find the best solutions and help our customer save and time. 


Xpert Logistics work with carriers of all fleet sizes and helps finding carriers with there freight needs. Join our carrier network to get access to freight opportunities. We always looking to partner with carriers to build lasting relationships.


We are always looking for dedicated professionals who are ready to customer experience to whole new levels, Logistics industry of full of challenges and complexity, 

Educated Rates

Freight Quote Processing 94%
Running in Various Databases to get best rates
Verify with Core Carriers 92%
Verify carriers availability 92%

When we get a request for freight quotes from our clients whether it is a spot market or and RFP, we always provides them with educated rates. Educated Rates is a process we develop in house, Our state of art Transportation Management System continuously getting updates for the available market rates.Here are few steps we go involve in developing an educated rate.

  • Once we receive a quote we our highly trained market professional run it through various databases to get the best market rate.
  • Then we verify it with our core carriers to make sure they are accurate.
  • We check the availability of carriers who can haul and choose the best carrier for job.

Once Every thing is verified we get back to our client and if our clients is not satisfied , we work with then constantly to make sure we can help them out. We work with both shipper and carriers to make sure to match right freight with right truck at BEST price.


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Working with will help  your business saving time and money , we will help you in lot of areas by eliminating the need to invest in transportation , technology, warehousing. We will help you to build a robust  logistics supply chain solutions that will allow your business to  to grow with lower risk and higher returns.

We provide Scalability and Flexibility as per your business needs, During the seasonal periods when the freight rate are high you can be stress free as you can use our resources to meet your logistics demands and  saving time and money.

We have the resources at hand to make adjustments and improvements to each link in the supply chain. we  will work to ensure your needs are met, by using the fastest, most efficient, and cost effective methods. We can help to restructure your supply chain, and use technology that ensures the proper amount of goods arrive when and where you need them.

Xpert Logistics account managers work with your staff hand in hand  to find the most efficient ways to move your shipments with the best carriers. Each one of our customers is partnered with a single, dedicated account manager who will answer all customer questions and will work to ensure each shipment arrives securely and on time.